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Super Easy Website Visitors Analytics

Find the Data You’re Looking for with Fewer Clicks, Including Heatmaps and Session Recordings – No Learning Curve Required.

Data At Your Fingertips

Finding the data you need is a breeze, saving you time and effort. Dive into detailed reports, track user behavior with heatmaps, and analyze session recordings effortlessly.

Improve Conversions

Make informed decisions and optimize your website for success with AfterClick’s user-friendly, all-in-one analytics platform. Unlock the power of comprehensive analytics without the steep learning curve.

Discover valuable insights about your visitors

Effortlessly Translate Data into Insights, No Expertise Required!

 Whether you’re a business leader seeking to make informed decisions, a marketer looking to understand customer behavior, or simply curious about data, our tool ensures that you won’t need a background in data science to unlock the potential of your information. Dive into the world of data analytics without the intimidation, and let our tool guide you through a seamless journey from data to decision.


Unlocking Insights, Optimizing Experiences and Driving Success in the Digital Era

In today’s digital landscape, data is the lifeblood of successful online businesses. It serves as a powerful tool for understanding customer behavior, optimizing user experiences, and making informed decisions. That’s where AfterClick comes in, providing a wealth of valuable data that can significantly impact the success of your website.

Share Access

Easily Collaborate and Manage Access with AfterClick: Seamlessly Invite and Manage Team Members or Clients

Monthly Reports

Stay Informed and Track Progress with AfterClick’s Monthly Reports: Effortlessly Receive Comprehensive Analytics Updates on a Regular Basis.


Served 80+ Million across more than 2,000 websites.

AfterClick has been featured in prestigious publications such as PC Mag, Entrepreneur, and TWN. With its comprehensive analytics capabilities, including heatmaps, session recordings, and conversion tracking, AfterClick is revolutionizing the way businesses optimize their websites. The positive reviews and coverage in renowned publications highlight AfterClick’s impact in the industry, solidifying its position as a top choice for data-driven marketers and entrepreneurs.

Unique Features Unavailable in Mainstream Analytics Tools/h4>

See from Users Eyes

Capture and Replay User Sessions with AfterClick’s Session Recording. Gain Deep Insights into User Interactions, Identify Pain Points, and Enhance User Experiences for Maximum Engagement.

Heatmap Visualization

Gain Valuable Insights with Heatmaps – Visualize User Behavior and Identify Hotspots on Your Website Effortlessly.

Conversion Tracking

Track Conversions with Precision – Monitor and Analyze Conversion Rates to Optimize Your Marketing Campaigns and Boost ROI.

Real-Time Analytics

Stay Up to Date with Real-Time Data – Access Live Analytics and Instantly Monitor Visitor Activity to Make Informed Decisions on the Fly.

Privacy Matters

GDPR Compliance: Protect User Data and Ensure Privacy

AfterClick: Committed to GDPR Compliance – Safeguard User Data, Respect Privacy Rights, and Maintain Trust in the Digital Era.

Lightweight Mode: Optimize performance with lightweight mode – minimize resource usage and load times for a faster and seamless analytics experience.

Do-Not-Track-Me Compliance: Respect user privacy choices – honor do-not-track requests, ensuring data collection aligns with user preferences and privacy regulations.

Comprehensive User Insights: Track location, device, browser, os, and more – gain deep understanding of user demographics and behavior, informing targeted marketing strategies and personalized user experiences.


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