Easy to use heatmaps analytics for you and your clients

Understand your users’ behavior and improve your conversion rate, view hotspots for better Call-to-action placements, view user’s cursor trails for understanding your website sales flow.

Understand your website users better

find the areas where your users are clicking the most, understand what converts, what’s causing low actions, and make better improvements to boost your conversion rate

Users actions based on geographical data mapping

Visualize your user’s actions and navigation routes on your website

Find which sections of your website users are spending the most time

Masure actions on desktop, tablets, and mobile devices

Google Analytics Easy Alternative

Give your clients Analytics they can understand without the learning curve

Straight forward analytics gives you the whole picture without any app knowledge. Unlike Google Analytics, AfterClick is simple and To-The-Point, you don’t need learning the application first.

Your clients will ❤️❤️❤️ you for this.

Offer AfterClick as an added ✨ advantage with your service.

🔥 Give your clients direct access to AfterClick analytics

Tools that help you analyze traffic data


Heatmaps offer live evaluations of user behavior


Visitor’s path and track what they are doing on your site


Track how many users are visiting your site in real time


Set and track goals like button click, downloads, specific page view etc..

Works with any content management systems.

Your website visitor’s cursor movements are translated into sophisticated data that can help you understand your customers behavior’s, but your data matters, we never sell your data, and you are in full control of it. You can delete it at any time!

Improve your conversion rate by putting the right things at the right place, see how your users are interacting with the website.

“Using AfterClick data, sites can improve their conversion rates”

“This analytics tool is easier to learn than Google Analytics.”


Always Free


Always Free account, great for personal use for small websites.

1 Website

10,000 Visitors

10 Heatmaps every month

10 Sessions of Replay every month

0 Team Members





Use it for your own projects or clients, best for agencies and freelancers

10 Website

100K Visitors

Per site

Unlimited Heatmaps every month

Unlimited Replay Sessions

Unlimited Team Members

Premium Pro



Ideal for big agencies with large clientele and projects. 

50 Website

250K Visitors

Per Site

Unlimited Heatmaps every month

Unlimited Replay Sessions

Unlimited Team Members